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This is a podcast which is for Freemasons and anyone who wants to know more about Freemasonry. Hosted by Robert Johnson, a member of several appendant bodies within Freemasonry. The show features a weekly episode where Masonic papers are read and discussed, Esoteric and historical topics are explored and Masonic news is shared. This is Freemasonry for today!

Mar 23, 2020

This week, we talk about the balance of depression - Are Freemasonry’s constituents manic? You asked for it, we’re delivering - an all-new Occult Profile on the eccentric Arthur Edward Waite. Then, startling new evidence on the Big Bang Theory - Are we ready to accept new evidence? Is fluidity of opinion a Masonic Virtue? And a small bonus, we’ll take a look at a short piece from decades ago that aimed to inform our significant others what Freemasonry is. Stay dialed in!


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