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This is a podcast which is for Freemasons and anyone who wants to know more about Freemasonry. Hosted by Robert Johnson, a member of several appendant bodies within Freemasonry. The show features a weekly episode where Masonic papers are read and discussed, Esoteric and historical topics are explored and Masonic news is shared. This is Freemasonry for today!

Jul 27, 2015

This week we read a paper and then discus it with "Frater O". There is a striking revelation at the end of the paper which we think most Masons of today will really identify with. App extras are the paper we read as well as a Masonic wallpaper for your mobile device. Thanks for listening and have a great week!



Jul 20, 2015

Join us this week as we have a sit down chat with the author of the new book "The Masonic Initiate - A Guide to Light", Bro. Bradrick A. Joyner! Illustrious Bro. Steven L. Harrison also stops by for the Masonic Minute and we wrap it up with a famous Freemason. Thanks for listening everyone and have an amazing...

Jul 13, 2015

Join us this week for a quick episode with some great excerpts and some conspiracy with WB. Adam Thayer! It's a short week to me being on Holiday with my family, but fear not! This one's just long enough to hopefully get you through your commute. Have a great week everyone and thanks for listening. App extras will be a...

Jul 6, 2015

Join us this week for an interview with Actor / Producer Joseph James about the up and coming and highly anticipated sequel to The Freemason, The Freemason part 2! We also share some information regarding an interesting secret society and Bro. Steve Harrison stops by for his Masonic Minute segment! Thanks for listening...