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This is a podcast which is for Freemasons and anyone who wants to know more about Freemasonry. Hosted by Robert Johnson, a member of several appendant bodies within Freemasonry. The show features a weekly episode where Masonic papers are read and discussed, Esoteric and historical topics are explored and Masonic news is shared. This is Freemasonry for today!

May 31, 2021

This week, we talk about tattoos as a ritual. How old are the oldest tattoo tools? How old are the oldest tattoos? And what does the whole process have to do with the rite of passage? Then we'll hear from Illustrious Brother Steven L. Harrison in this week's Masonic Minute. The Masonic wedding-- is that really a thing? Finally, we'll wrap it up with a piece from Initiates and the People--a Rosicrucian text from 1928 on the Great Pyramid and its purpose! All this and more--stay tuned!

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