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This is a podcast which is for Freemasons and anyone who wants to know more about Freemasonry. Hosted by Robert Johnson, a member of several appendant bodies within Freemasonry. The show features a weekly episode where Masonic papers are read and discussed, Esoteric and historical topics are explored and Masonic news is shared. This is Freemasonry for today!

Aug 16, 2021

This week, we continue the conversation about ritual--its importance and meaning, as we read a piece from New York Mason. In it, he reveals the secrets of past rituals and rites, what those rites of passages do for modern and contemporary society, and mostly lays bare one of the greatest threats to Craft Freemasonry. Then we'll hear from Ill. Bro. Steve Harrison as he tells a fantastic tale of Sammy, a Master Mason, who does some incredible things, and later, it turns personal. We'll wrap it all up with a brief discussion on the idea of balance or equilibrium. Where does the word come from? What does it mean? And as we think about it in our practical application, we ask how we can utilize that thinking in making our lives better. All this and more, stay tuned!


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