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This is a podcast which is for Freemasons and anyone who wants to know more about Freemasonry. Hosted by Robert Johnson, a member of several appendant bodies within Freemasonry. The show features a weekly episode where Masonic papers are read and discussed, Esoteric and historical topics are explored and Masonic news is shared. This is Freemasonry for today!

Oct 26, 2020

This week. we hear from one of the founders of the Illinois Lodge of Research, Alphonse Cerza, in his piece titled, “Work, Work, Work.” What does the American way of life have in parallel to the Masonic Lodge? What does Masonic unemployment mean for the profits of a Lodge? Then, We’ll read a piece from a Past Grand Master of Michigan, as he gives a parable of a Cherry Tree. Each branch of a tree-- a tree that represents Freemasonry where each branch represents an independent body. When those branches get full of fruit, fall, and break off, what happens? What other parallels can we draw? Find out this, and a whole lot more, coming right up. Stay Tuned.


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